all about me!!

Nothing like publishing all your private thoughts and feelings and day to day activities to the public right?? right...

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Alrighty then....

Well, I'm sitting here w/ my ears covered, it's so loud right now.... We are currently watching the last game of the NBA season and my neighbor and husband are jumping up and down and screaming just about as loud as I am during my Nascar races, of course I don't get that loud... nope....
um anyways, I had such a wonderful day, I was in a great happy mood the sun was out, and I got to make my first purchase w/ the business account buying envelopes!!! I know sounds silly but it was enough to just get me so motivated and excited!! I got my room more ready for my upcoming party's!! It's been a slow week because my party's aren't scheduled for the end of June and most of July so it's just been a waiting game for me!!!!
So things are good, I'm getting used to my earlier bed time and sort of enjoying the new routine actually... It's so nice getting off work early!!
This weekend is going to be great!! I have THE BEST MOTHER IN-LAW in the world!! And it's her birthday tomorrow but we go to see her and have a big BBQ on Sunday and I can't wait for that... I've been trying to go see her for weeks now, but somethings always coming up or someone's busy, but I can't wait that's going to be great.... I love having a Mother in law that is someone I just love to hang out with.... We go to mariner games, concerts, and oh yah have I mentioned my favorite city in the world yet?? Yup you all know already and it's Vegas!! But we go there a lot together, and It's nice to go w/ people you genuinely want to hang out w/... Not just say "oh... Yah... You uh should really come w/ us uh.... Sometime..." No w/ her it's like YES YES YES PLS COME W/ US!! IT WOULD BE AWESOME!!! She's great and I can't wait to see her!! She's so loving, giving and just a real joy to be w/!!!!
Other than that.. Not to much to report.. Apparently in this house we are all routing for the pistons rather than the spurs, and that's that I guess!!
Oh I have started reading my romance novels again at work we sometimes get slow in between phone calls or have to hold a lot, and reading my "smut" novels as Steve calls them is a great get away, the thing that's so funny is that I told my Mother this.... You know your really in love when your reading a romance book and the "man" of the book your actually picturing your husband rather than someone like Mel Gibson or Antonio Banderas mmmmmm nummy!!! But yes... I picture my Steve... He's so awesome and I couldn't be happier or more in love.... We celebrate our 6th anniversary on July 17th, and I can't wait!!!! Every day just gets better and better and he's just amazing!! I love the fact that I still get butterflies when he's coming out of work and I'm there to pick him up, or when he calls me and my cell's caller ID says his name.. Sigh... Sorry... I can't help it... I get all sappy....
all right, bye for now!! I have a party on Saturday wish me luck!!!
hugs hugs hugs!!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Garage sale!!

Well not to much to report this week, just trying to stay healthy and get ready for today's garage sale.... My parents have a neighborhood garage sale every June and I thought, hmm what a great place to show off my jewelry!!! One thing is for sure people really love it!! I didn't sell a whole lot, but for people out garage saling I didn't plan to I just wanted to show it off, and get my name out there!!! And it worked!!
I must say the funnest part of today was playing w/ my sister. Manda and I had so much fun we just kept putting on all the jewelry and playing w/ it, and out of the corner of my eye every time I turned around she was back at the table looking at it and touching it!! It made me feel good to know that someone I care about so much, cares about what I'm doing and her opinion really matters and to know she loves it helps me to get the courage and oomph to get out there and prove myself! She's very motivating and that is just great!! Plus she's just so darn cute and my jewelry looks so good on her... LOL
Everyone actually has been great, I've got my Jenette who is just awesome showing off my catalogs at her work, calling me w/ questions she's just not afraid to just put me out there, I've got my "connection" on the east coast!! Who I just get to sit and talk about it w/ and is so interested and I think really likes it as well I'm anxious for her to get her stuff so she has some in person not just in pictures!!!! I guess in a nut shell you all are just such a great support system, it's scary starting your own buisness but this is something I know I can do and w/ you all on my side, I'll be a great success!! big hugs and kisses....
Andrea your Cookie Lee gal!!!

Monday, June 13, 2005

on the mend?

Was it me last week that said weekends are awesome?? Well I've since changed my mind... ugh... all last week I was dealing w/ a sore throat, just kinda shrugged it off, as "maybe we keep leaving the window open at night?" Than Thursday I wasn't feeling so hot, you know achy etc. Well Friday I felt better, still had the sore throat but had much more energy so I went w/ it, did the WAMU job, came home did some Cookie Lee work, had a after work cocktail.. watched some good tv (gotta love 80's metal mania videos on VH1 classics!!!!)... Than finally on Saturday I woke up feeling like I just got hit by a train... took Steve to work, whining the whole way... got home took a bath at 6am (who does that) and finally called the DR... they couldn't get me in until 2:40 so I spent the entire day sleeping in bed.... (Steve said I really must've been sick since I didn't bring my puter up to the bed, didn't turn the tv on or anything... ) It took every effort I had to put my shoes on to pick Steve back up to drag him to the DR w/ me.
Find out I had a 102.4 fever and strep throat...
Who get's strep throat and who the *&%* did I get it from????? GRRRRRRR
So I felt like a miserable failure, wasn't able to go to the showroom to pick up stuff for orders, wasn't able to see my sisters and mom, which is one of my favirote Saturday things, was just awful.....
So I had to stay home from work today to give my medicine that extra day to kick in, problem is this dang sore throat wont go away. Steve laughed at me when I got up on Sunday I thought my antibiodics where a miracle cure and I would just wake up and poof be better, but I wasn't and now I know it takes time to heal the throat, but i'm a little impatient and frankly getting a little tired of my chicken soup and popsicle diet!!
The throat is a little better so tomorrow, we're hoping for WAMU work, and a real meal!!
Working in a call center is a little tough when you have a sore throat though, so we're hoping!!
On a lighter note!!!!!! I got to deposit my first profit's into my new buisness account today thanks to my awesome sisiter Manda!!! yeah thanks Manda!!! your a superstar! what would I ever do w/o you!!! Got some stuff organized shipped off my first order to a certain someone in New Jersey (wink wink and big hug) dropped off another order and now it's time for some R and R to see how tomorrow goes!!
Wish me luck on the mend!!!
big hugs!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

I'm off and running!

Went down to the show room last night, officially signed up and am a full fledged cookie lee consultant!! yeah me!!! followed through and am so excited!! it's very exciting getting my room organized, and getting those few things so I can host my own show w/o help!! actually having my own jewlrey to sell rather than borrowing someone elses is a plus too!! My friend Jenette already has a catalog order to turn in for me, so I have to go down to the showroom on Saturday which is funny, because I didn't buy the 3 things that this order needs LOL oh well it's a great insentive for me to try to get more orders rather than sell from my own inventory, cuz it's a long trip down to tukwila ick.... but than the second you walk in the showroom it's just the eyes glaze over and you get inspired just walking in the door the stuff is so amazing!! I'm feeling very tired today.. I think I've tried to prove a little to hard to myself that I can have two careers and have been keeping so busy I haven't had time to sit back and relax..... I've totally neglected my Sims which are my horribly addicting computer family!!! so maybe I'll have that glass of wine tonight kick back play my sims, and try to go to bed at a decent hour.... I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday and that I can have the weekend to do some relaxing stuff and through my cookie lee stuff in in a fun way not such a "rush to get going way"... sorry didn't mean to ramble... yikes I guess I owe Nic a big thanks for letting me in on somewhere to do this so poor steve doesn't have too... LOL... cheers!!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

my first party!!

Ok so I had my first party last night!!
I was soooo nervous but after a few minutes I was more relaxed and it went really well!! It was so busy and went by so fast it was like whoa... ok it's over now... I can breath and look to the future and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!
Tomorrow I go to officially sign up to be the best Cookie Lee consultant ever!!! and no more just thinking about it, it's real, I'm in and now it's on baby...... LOL
My future is in my hands!! (well I guess it always was, but you know!! I am my own boss, I work when I want to... which will be all the time, cause I just love it sososososososo much!!!)
ok, just a quick note to tell you about the party!! financially it didn't go as well as I had hoped, so it will be a little out of pocket money to sign up, but it's a investment in my future and I have no bad thoughts about it at all!! My family, husband, and (most) of my friends are so supportive and as excited for me as they can be and that means so much!! Their excitment and support keeps me going and I need that and they give it... it's awesome..!! I love all you guys sooo much and can't wait to show you how awesome this will be!!

love ya!!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

gotta love Sundays!

So my favirote thing about Sunday's is Nascar!! It's the day to just be lazy, play on the puter all day and just slowly get the house ready for the work week... laundry spot clean etc.... Plus Im so very excited that the series premier of Entourage, and the new Lisa Kudrow show is on HBO tonight, so that should be exciting as well!!
So far my weekend has been pretty uneventful, just hanging around the house not doing much. I'm very excited for my first Cookie Lee party tomorrow as the sales person, a little nervouse but mostly excited, I will really get to get started so I can't wait!!!
Lucy's been not feeling well over the last few days... My friend Jenette came over Friday night and was eating chinese and gave Lucy her leftovers on the plate, and I think that may have messed up her belly... poor thing...
ok signing off for now...... have a great Sunday!!!

Friday, June 03, 2005

SO... Is this how you blog??

Well, ummmm Hi!!
So my best friend in the whole wide world suggested I keep a blog!! so hear I am! This is very exciting for me!! I love to just ramble about what's up, what's new and so on and so forth, so here we go!!

Today is Friday, and I'm so grateful for that! It was a short week because of Memorial Day, but I started my new work schedule this week so getting the mind and body to adjust is a little taxing...
I now work mon-fri 5am-145pm which so far I am just in love with.. I can't believe how fast my work day goes by, than I'm home in the afternoon just in time for when I normally get going on the weekends anyways, so it's like I just have a small errand to do in the morning, than I'm home, have a quick sandwich, watch Days of our Lives and then I have my whole afternoon free which is so awesome since I've literally just begun my new career!!!
Yes my new career..... All who know me no I never really new what I wanted to be when I grew up excpet being a wife and mommy, but since the mommy part doesn't seem to be in the cards for me I've kinda been lost for the past oh I don't know decade.... (don't laugh)... but I think I may have been found!!!
I've never been one for selling parties. You know the ones your friends pressure you to go to, you go, have to listen to some boring presentation feel obligated to buy something really expensive and have to figure out how to go home and explain that large purchase to your husband.... Well this is so different!! It's Cookie Lee jewlrey which I know most have you have heard me talk about and are probably sooo tired of hearing my excitment, but I can't help it!! I can see a future in this, and my doing it... not just for me, but for me and Steve for OUR future!! I can sell this stuff... it's awesome stuff it sells itself, I just have to bring it to show you!!
I've gone out and set myself up a office, changed my work schedule, and spent at least 2 hrs a day on organzing and getting ready to get going after work, so I know my ambition is really shining through, and I just can't wait to get officially started!
So wish me luck!!
Other than that, not to much to report, Steve, Lucy and I are slowly readjusting to life w/o BJ.. she was the light of our lives and every day is almost harder than the last but easier at the same time... (does that make sense??)....
I finally got a new cell phone last week, so those of you who are tired of hearing me complain about my old one (it was 3 yrs old and ducktaped together lol) can rest at ease!! when our rebate comes back, it's steve's turn to get his replaced... (he's jealous I no it!! he he he) but ladies first right!!! ;)
Well I know this was a long note to start off w/ but apparently this is where we can ramble about hmmmm nothing really!!!
Ok well everyone enjoy Friday, hug someone you love and have sweet dreams!!