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Monday, September 19, 2005

I am a Cookie Lee addict!!

Wow, well what can I say...!! I am so jazzed and in love w/ selling my Cookie Lee that going to my real job, is pure torture, because I can't focus on my business!! grrrrr
I had such a fun day today, it was all Cookie Lee all day!!! I got to spend some quality time in my office updating my inventory and banking, and lots and lots of phone calls and topping it off w/ a fun improptu trip to the showroom!!!
I got to help my recruit and that made me feel so good inside I cannot wait to be a Unit Manager and be able to help all my ladies!! If I could do that every day I would!! What am I saying?? I will be doing that every day and I'm so excited to make it happen!!!
I make my own success and It's on it's way!
I just love this business!! I love to see the smiles on the faces of my customers! And the administrative side to it is fun too... Bookwork... I love it!!! All the numbers, organizing, it's just awesome!
Oh and did I mention that I got my first commission check on Saturday??? 14.91!!!!! How fun!! he he he!!
Ok, big hugs and lot's of kisses for everyone ok!!