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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Best 2 hours ever!!!

Do you ever have these phone conversations that just turn into "like" one of the best conversations ever????
I got home from work today and the other love of my life Nikki had called, to give me a moving back home report..... 21 days till she gets here from Jersey..... Started out w/ just our usual chit chat, than I went upstairs to clean my room and fold laundry while we continued to chat, than it turned into one of those really funny T-mobile commercials where the 2 teenage girls are talking on their cell phones and you see the timer keeping track, and their Dad's sitting their rolling their eyes....
It was one of those conversations... It was so fun, we just went over everything.... Crap we hadn't brought up in years.... Memories, stuff to share we hadn't before, updates on people.... It was like she was right here in my living room and we we're having a slumber party!!! soo super fun!!! Stuff like that is what makes you remember why you became friends in the first place, and what has kept you there for so long..!!! It was like the first night we met all over again... I met her at school, we talked for like 15 min. And I knew I would have a friend for life you know... Immediately invited her over to spend the night, her Mom dropped her off in black sports car, we sat on my kitchen counter in our house in Cheannault beach, ate doughnut holes, and talked until the sun came up! It made my night, and I can't wait till June 20th!!!!! (enter beaches music montage here)....
The great part about it is, that I didn't have to feel guilty spending 2 hrs on the phone... Steve is so great about it, and he knows how important and special she is to me that he never once did that irritate eye roll, get off the phone look! We hung up, and he was as excited as I was, I don't think he can wait for her to get home either, so I have my what do they call that "kindred spirit".... You know that there is certain situations or things going on that the husbands try to be there for, but sometimes they just don't understand certain things like, all the double questions..."Does my butt look good in these pants? Or good, good?", and "did he give you a kiss? Or a kiss, kiss?" and "do you want to go shopping? Or shopping, shopping?" So they pray that the phone will ring to rescue them!!! LOL....
Well I feel refreshed, cheered up and ready for the rest of my week!!!
Cheers, and memories!!!
Andi (Mystic Rose 4-ver)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Holy crap I've been fired!!! (me and 849 others)

Well.... yeah....

I made this cute and fun post last Friday night, and hit "publish post" just as my lovable husband accidently unplugged me.... So no post made it, and I was to frustrated to re-do it so I didn't.... I thought... Oh just another boring week and I will post during the week...

So much for a boring week.... Started out normal enough, then things just felt a little funny on Tuesday... I was walking in my building and I just had a weird feeling. Then I started taking phone calls, and of course the first one, was this guy yelling at me about how our most recent online banking update sucks... Well yes I know it hasn't been it's best but of course I can't say that... So after the call I was thinking, "gosh I really have to get off these phones, I just hate having people yell at me all the time", so I went to to check if there we're any administrative type job openings and just happen to notice that there we're no call center jobs listed, and I thought "huh, weird we are always hiring in the call center". So I didn't see any admin. Jobs available, and sighed and took the next call.
Well at lunch Nicole and I we're discussing our days and I mentioned to her what I saw, or didn't see in the job listings and she sit, "what does that mean?". I got a little grin, and said "who knows".
Then after lunch at 10:30 we get an email asking telling us we we're having a team "huddle" at 10:55. Huddles are usually just the team members usually 10 of us, sit around our managers desk and we do quick little updates etc. So about 5 minutes before our "huddle" I noticed no phone calls we're coming in, and so did everyone else, then we got ushered to the huddle and our manager dialed out for a "conference call". We all just looked at eachother and it got really quiet... We all new.... After our phone didn't work we got ushered to another teams huddle to hear the big announcement that Washington Mutual is closing our entire call center, as well as Jacksonville Florida... Leaving only the call center in Albion NY, San Antonio TX, and MANILLA.

yeah...... SUPER!!!
We officially close down on July 31st so at least we got notice right.... Sigh....
So they left the phones off for 2 hrs so we could all "take in the information". Was so funny seeing 850 people (some crying) all walking around outside on our cell phones calling our families..... Such a creepy environment really... Then we got ushered into meetings to explain to us about "severance"... Really fun!! (insert rolled eyes here).
So the rest of the week was just so funny, people we're so "whatever" it was funny... We took tons of calls about people wanting to leave wamu if they can't employ united states citizens. We even had one guy wanting to answer the phones "Manilla Mutual, how can I help you"... Was really funny!!!!!!
So I am going to look at this as a blessing, and really focus on my Cookie Lee, then I wont have to worry about lay offs and corporate *&*((^&!!!!!!
alright, Steve and I are off to the walmart for weekly cleaning supplies!!!
big hugs everyone and I'll update really soon!!!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Fine Melinda sheesh....

Ok, after multiple scoldings here I am updating!!! It can't be long (I am at work).... but I've been so super busy, that not had much time to blog....
I am sooooooooooo super excited for June!!!
On June 20th.... my darling Nikki comes home (no weird ickiness there, just a name coincidence).
On June 25th we have the wedding...!!!
oh, and did I mention the pink IPOD????????????? haaaa
so lots and lots, and I think I am starting to see the sun come out from behind this big cloud I've been under for the last couple of years!!!! I forgot it was still out there!!!
I took a couple of months off from Cookie Lee (involuntary, thanks WAMU for the crappy new schedule). But I finally got it fixed, and I'm back in the game, and ready for an open house show, I think i'm going to hold on June 3rd to celebrate my 1 year anniversary w/ Cookie Lee!!!! So be prepared for the invite!!!!
Oh and did I mention the pink IPOD???!!!!!
So the Stever is good, the dog's are ok... I'm still not impressed w/ their being mad at me enough to relieve themselves on my carpet, especially after Steve and I just cleaned them.... (anyone want a beagle???? (just kidding, I may be mad, but they are my "girls"). Not understanding how after 10 yrs of knowing that the potty is in the grass, they have senior moments and do it on the carpet... ok, no excuse for Belle she is only 5.... sigh....
I am excited for this weekend, to go to Walmart and shop for much needed cleaning supplies!!! and just reorganize myself!!!
Oh, and did I mention the pink IPOD???!!!!!!!!!
A few shoutouts!!!! to those that have been on my mind, and may not know it!
to my Mandy: congrats... you and Fred are amazing, and I couldn't be more excited!!!
to Zack: your life is going to change in the most amazing and fun way imaginable!!!
to Melinda: I couldn't be prouder of you, each day is bright and full of possibilities!!!
to Tara: Keep the faith!!! your life is as it should be!! Appreciate and love what you have you are truly blessed as I am blessed having you in my life!!!!
to Shane: what is normal anyway???
to Alyssa: I'm very proud of you, and who you are growing up to be!!
to Jenette: I'm so excited for you and Will and your new future together, thank you for making me and Steve apart of it!!!
to Nikki: I don't even know where to begin.... my life would not be as it is w/o you in it! I can't wait to wrap my arms around you and have a good cry.... than hop in your bug and go get coffee... (did I mention the pink IPOD????)
to Nicole: Being an Aunt is a blessing and you will cherish every moment!!! you make me smile every time I see you!!!
to Mom and Dad: If I didn't have you to to call at every waking moment, I don't know what I'd do, knowing you are there for me whenever I need it, gives me a sense of calm and peace, I don't know what I would do w/o you!!!
and finally to my Stever: My other half, my soul mate, and my everything... I love you w/ all that I am, and I'm so blessed to have you in my life, and to know you are the last thing I feel at night and the first thing I feel in the morning... I can't wait to see and talk to you every moment of every day... I love you....

Well that wraps it up for today.... I'm going to grab a tissue, and head back to work... (sniffle)
big hugs and kisses!!!!
All my love,