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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Just checking in!!

Well not too much to write about... (I always say that, and then I end up writing a novel... LOL)
The weekend went so good!!! We went to lunch w/ the Mom-in-law at Azteca on Saturday and that was really fun!!! Than on Sunday was our big open house/houswarming/come watch the Seahawks spank the Giants Gala!!!
And it was a blast!!! Everybody that showed up (which was 95% of the guestlist!! wahoo) seemed to have a great time!!! Nikki and Phil brought us an apple pie which was so exciting, (I've never been brought a pie before), and a wonderful extra special welcome home card... (thanks guys we love you).
Melinda and her crew brought us new housekeys!!! I new something was up when on Saturday she said she needed me to bring her my house key w/ no questions asked... hmmm but I never would have guessed that she brought Steve a Seahawks key, and me a Dale Jr. Key!!!!! It was GREAT!!!!!! We only had the one key, and we kept getting so frustrated, because it's such a stupid thing to do, but we kept going out to start the truck than going "oh crap" we forgot to lock the door, so we would have to turn off the truck and start all over... LOL, not that it's hard to get keys made mind you, but something easily forgotten, so thanks Mel!! (and Alyssa).
I was able to get the party cleaned up, and the house back to normal by prime time, and we had sunshine!!! It was great!!!! I only managed to get one picture, but it's a great one!!! This is Steve's bud Shane, and his baby girl Camryn.... (his whole crew came all decked out for Seahawk Sunday).

There sooo cute!!!

House related, we have been doing great at getting it all pretty and it paid off I think... Our friends brought their kids over, and you know what.... They all had fun!!!! It was amazing!!! The kids actually played together... Not w/ toys or xbox thingies... Actual running around and coming up w/ games, and other than some minor pine cone accidents and remnants, they did well!!! So Yeah!!!

Alrighty, well Steve and I are off to see Godsmack at the ampitheater tomorrow in Auburn, everyone wish us luck that I find it ok.....

Lots of love,


Saturday, September 23, 2006

i'm alright sortof....

Ok, so I'm not as wimpy as my last post made me sound..... I was feeling so incredibly yukky, I totally blamed it on the game/walking etc... turns out the more hours the day went by the worse I felt... yup, Andrea got the crud from somewhere... I have spent the last few days feeling like total hell, and not getting out of my flannel pants... I'm on the mend enough to acutally run some errands today, and turn on my puter, other than that, not much going on!! I'm just glad that I'm feeling better enough for our party on Sunday, and that I might actually throw on some makeup tomorrow... and what was that, that Andy Whapler said???? SUNSHINE on Sunday??? high of 75!!!! WooHoo!!!! I don't need to bring out the tarps for our party!!!he he he!!!
Just a quick note to let you know I'm ok, alive, and can finally feel my legs!!! LOL

lot's of love,


Monday, September 18, 2006

Cant.... move.... my legs....

OMG..... Ok, so the weekend was a blur, and a blast..!!!
We had Nikki's Cookie Lee kick off show/open house at her house on Saturday, and I arrived pretty early, and we went and took care of some last minute Starbucks, a-hem I mean details to get ready for!! Was so funny all we wanted we're some latex pink balloons and could you believe they aren't as easy to find anymore as you'd think... sheesh.... We went to Haggen's finally and she looked at us a little funny when I asked her if she had latex balloons, but it was ok!!! Than we went and picked up our open house sign, THAN ~ I got to drive her bug!!!! I got to drive her bug!!!! Granted it was for about 1 block and a 1/2 but just driving a car made in this century was a dream come true...!!! Thanks Nik!!!

Our show was great, she did a wonderful job, and I know she's going to be a great consultant and make a lot of her own dreams come true too!!! Her wonderfully fun and supportive husband went all the way across the trestle to pick up my wonderfully supportive husband just so we could go out for chips, salsa and Tarantula Margarita celebrations!!!
Than on Sunday we we're invited to the Seahawks game at Qwest field w/ Steve's brother Clay and wife Shelly (hi Shelly!!!). That was a complete blast of course, and the first time the 4 of us have ever really done anything like that w/o other people, so it was great to know even though we are family that we can have a great time together too!!!! ONLY downfall was the uh er, walk(ing).... Now I may not be the tiniest of girls, but I'm pretty in shape... I don't smoke, don't sit on the couch eating bunch of crap, I do my yoga several times a week, but OMG.... I wasn't winded at all (except for the stair climb part) but I was realizing as we we're walking back to the car, that my hips we're starting to get sore...... So alright, for someone who walks the Vegas strip as much as me this is nothing new..... But I woke up this morning, pretty sore, but as the day went on, hour by hour, I was just not able to move as well as I could even hours ago.... Ouch!!!! So to make myself feel better I map quested it to see how far we walked!!!! To the stadium from the car was 1.7 miles.... Than we walked all the way up the ramps to the top at the 300 level, than up 27 rows to our seats, not to mention those 1/2 dozen beer/bathroom runs throughout the game that go up and down, than down the ramps and back the 1.7 miles back to the car!!!!!!!!!
LOL, totally good for me and a time I wouldn't trade for anything.... But I don't feel quite as woosy now!!! He he he!!!
Not sure if the Stever was trying to make me feel better, or was being truthful, but he said his legs/hips we're a touch sore too!!! phew!!! ( oh and the hawks won!!!!) yeah!!!!!
Other than my whining, I'm in such a great mood!! The house is good, girls are good (except Belleseen here at our old house) has decided that she has been having fun hunting, finding squirrels and chasing them up trees than proceeds to do this whiney, barking bay thing, that my neighbors I'm sure appreciate so much.... Sigh.... We forget she's young and so full of energy... Fun!!.... (rolls eyes)

alright... Well I'm off to find the heating pad... (don't laugh... I'm a wimp I know... I'll be better tomorrow promise!!!)

Happy anniversary Mandy and Fred, and happy birthday Tara!



Thursday, September 14, 2006

Could it be? Am I growing up???

So two big things happened over the last few days!!!! Nikki was finally able to help me understand how to post pictures!!! (yeah, and thanks Nik, for your patience!!) And I got a brand new printer and hooked it all up myself, w/0 having to call my Daddy!!!! He he he... This is only funny because I have had to call him every day for just about everything these days....
First, I broke my bedroom door, one week after we moved in... Sigh... So I went and bought the door myself (yeah me) but had to have the Daddy saw and fix, it and and Fred brought in something named "Brad".... hmmm but it works good! Than night before last I stepped on and broke the cord to my lap top so again the Daddy had to bring out the sautering iron and make something do till my new cord arrives, because ohhhh no, the baby can't be w/o her lap top!!! (blush) and no I'm not spoiled....
ANYWAYS, so we've been in the new home for 2 whole weeks, and we are pretty much settled... Other than probably one more dump run for boxes, and crap, we are finally starting to get into our routine of coming home from work and relaxing rather than coming home, doing this, fixing that, and running this many errands... ick.... We're still doing these things, but day by day they are better and fewer!!! So now it's doing yard work and such for the fun of it, not the "we have too, in order to be able to stand looking at it" factor!!!!
Alrighty well Survivor premiers tonight!!!! Yeah!!!



Friday, September 08, 2006


Talk about happy!!! I just read the other day that they are finally releasing Beverly Hills 90210 on DVD in November!!!!!! OMFG!!!! I am soooo excited!!! I just love/loved that show, I would even record the reruns on FX!!! he he he.... so not to drop hints or anything, but since my Mama has a rule to not buy myself any presents after Nov. 1st... hmmmmmmmmm Christmas eh???? he he he... You know I love that stupid show so much that I actually wrote my own script I was going to send to Aaron Spelling (RIP) after he broke up Dylan and Brenda.... I was so sad.....

ok, sorry back to your regularly scheduled programming!!! (Hi V from Florida!!! luv s)


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Am I getting settled???

Well we're maybe starting to get settled??? I have no idea.. Seems like a lot of settling for such a small place... But I'm trying.... This wont be a long post, I'm to saddened about the loss of my Janie on Big Brother.... I could cry... WTF.... 2 summers and she came soooo close.... grrrr big kudos to Mandy for getting me into that in the first place 4 summers ago... Oh well.... We will hope for the best and hope Erika gets it...
As far the house goes, I am in LOVE!!! It feels so surreal to be back here again, and to feel so at home so fast, it just feels so right you know! But I hate messes and it feels like I've been living in a mess for a week now, and that bums me out... I try to be so neat and organized that I even have my boxes and my nails in organized piles... lol.... I have been a bit lonely the last few days, I had the Stever home w/ me for 4 days last week, he took a couple of days off to help us move, and than the labor day weekend, so it's been a little lonely, and since the girls have the fenced yard now, they don't need me anymore., and even Bear must remember the house, and has been going outside again... But I'll be ok! I have the water close, and the sea lions to listen too... And there is only 10 months till next summer's big brother...

Friday, September 01, 2006

It's chaos, but heaven....

So we're here, in the new house.... This is our third night, but our first evening at the new, but hold home..... Our first night we didn't get home until like 930, so it was just get here, try to find the remotes and hook up the TV/internet, plop down in flannels, w/ a glass of wine, than go to bed.... Second night, we went to the seahawks game so we we're only here for a few hours, than went to the game, than came home, fell asleep.... We got home tonight from work/ cleaning the old place etc. Than got to enjoy a first "evening" at home.... Granted there is still boxes, etc. All over, and those who know me, know I hate clutter and disorganized.... Well it's been so awesome.... Just the Stever and I, and our girls..... They get to play in the yard, oh and our kitties are still "low crawling" around as they sniff and rub there faces on everything, our baby Bear, whom you can see a picture of at my "myspace" page (I still haven't figured out how to get pictures on here, that's another project Nikki and I have to do) but when we first got here, we put all the cats in the bedroom, but Millie, and Newbie, are "outdoor" cats and want to run around and do stuff (what that is, who knows) but Bear used to be like that, in fact when we lived here before, that's when we first got Bear, and she was outside soooo much the day we left, I had to come back w/ my Mom to try and get her.... She used to hang her body from the bedroom window to get in and out soooo funny, but anyway, she hasn't left the bedroom yet, so we'll see.... But the girls are having the best time... other than the boxes, and furniture clutter they are pretty much on there own, and couldn't be more excited!!! They are going in and out, taking naps at their choice not ours, it's awesome!!! Belle is so cute though she keeps barking/beagle baying at all the activity it's great!!! Steve broke out his bbq tonight and those that know him, know he doesn't eat until bedtime, so about an hour ago, he broke out the bbq and we sat out on the back deck, just in awe at all that has come about in the last few weeks, going "are we really back here???" and as we could hear the sea lions bark we realized... .OMG, we are..... We're home and here to continue our family........
Other than all that emotional stuff..... The last few days have just been so crazy, I feel like I'm spending more time in my truck than in any of my other 2 homes I have had.....
But we did have our first visitor today other than family.... Nicole stopped by and seemed so excited for us, it made me so happy... The house is so small, but it's so cute, charming, and a "home" that it's all worth it, and she was so great, she walked me around the whole yard, and pointed out what plants are what, and to not be afraid of spiders because thy are just living in the garden, and they don't want to eat me.... It was really really fun to have her come out, and just want to jump in and help us get settled.... Unfortunately her new pregnant belly prevented any of that, but her ideas are great, and I can't wait to run w/ them!!!!
I have mentioned to some that Lucy our oldest beagle has been acting so weird lately.... Like in pain, or irritated by something, Steve said I needed to take her to the Dr... But I kept saying, noooo she's ok... Finally yesterday he looked at me and said, no she's going today... I obviously needed to listen to him, because she slipped a disc in her back, and has been in so much pain, that's why she's been crying, shaking, restless... Oh god (hangs my head in shame) I feel so bad, I made her wait.... But we got her all hooked up yesterday and she's on so much morphine and muscle relaxers (we're all jealous) that she's juuuuust fine.......
Than last night at the game, I drained my new pink collectors item IPOD (thanks Nikki my love) on the ride to and from the game, that when I plugged it in to charge it nothing happened.... So I took it to Nikki's today to see if she could provide a remedy because I was in knots about it, and she is such a frickin calm, genius that she just took a few minutes, tried a few things, and BAM... Not only did she bring it back to life, she gave it some new support and it's now a happy IPOD.... I was in such relief that I literally broke out in tears.... this morning I thought my happy IPOD days we're over, and I was done.... But it's all ok now, and such a relief...!!!! Ok, I'm done babbling now about absolutely nothing, I have just realized that Steve has been missing for a bit, and I want to make sure, he didn't go try and find a sea lion....

Andrea!!!! xoxoxo