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Monday, October 31, 2005

Rainy Halloween!!!

So we had to have known it was going to still be raining 2 days later grrrr..... All those poor little children and their coats over their costumes.. So sad!
My reward for not having children is I get to have my nice big glass of wine.... Serve candy to the wet suited up little children, and watch Practical Magic, which is my lovely little Halloween tradition I started a few years ago!!!!
I may have a small problem as seeing that there is Monday night football on I think, so Steve and I may have a little battle... (will see who wins)!!!
We thought we we're going to go pumpkinless until Mandy (love you) came through and let us have one of her pumpkins!!! yeah!! So Steve and I get to carve that later!!
I am a big idiot though, having gone out spur of the moment last night to meet some friends, came home a lithe too late, got up, got ready for work, got to work and 15 minutes into it, some manager comes up to me and says "you weren't supposed to be here today, your not supposed to me signed onto your phone" I was like "what? Am I fired and didn't know it?" almost a little nervous.... he said "have you checked the schedule today?" I hadn't because I did get there a couple minutes late, so I wanted to just go to work and than check in a bit.... Well needless to say, I went and checked, and I had scheduled today off for vacation..... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT......
Now I remember, back in August, when I realized Halloween was on a Monday, I had requested it off, so that I could have a fun 3 day weekend....argh... So I ended up going out last night and rushing so tiredly this morning to get to work, when I didn't even have to go in the first place... WHATEVER... I am such a loser...
So now I have a really early start to my forgotten day off!! So I am going to take advantage and do some fun Cookie Lee work!!
We ended up meeting some friends last night at the Castle Casino, which is this small lithe 5 tabled casino that reminds me of the Excalibur's basement.... My friend Dave who was very special to me, used to go there all the time and he introduced it to Steve and I and we met him there several times. Well he passed away exactly a year ago, and it almost felt like I had to go there.... I am not really in any position to spend money on gambling, but after I sold a pin and possibly booked a show w/ the bartender, We did and thanks to a little improptu phone lesson on Spanish 21 (thanks Dad) we turned that 20.00 into 42.50, and walked away!!
It was so super fun to be impulsive like that, and it was just a fun way to wrap up the weekend! I got to go on a unstressed, fun date w/ my husband, and just plain relax! It was what I needed and amazing!!
Alrighty I'm off to update my inventory and clean out my office!!!!! ohhhh Coffee, that's what I need!!


Saturday, October 29, 2005

listen to the sound of the pouring rain.....

Ok!!!! Due to a personal request (you know who you are and it's about time.... I've missed you like crazy!) (thought you didn't love me anymore... :( I am writing to update!!!
So today is such a weird day!! it's of course the Saturday before Halloween, and we all know that there is parties galore!! and I can't wait I am so excited!
I knew today would be busy though... woke up went on my weekly showroom run w/ Amanda (love you). Got some amazing new jewelry that I just can't wait to share! Than I went over to Jenette's house to deliver some jewelry and cut her hair.... THAN.... rushed to pick up Steve, rushed home... changed into fancy clothes, rushed (1/2 hr late) to my great aunts 50th wedding anniversary, stand in a long buffett line, say quick hello and kisses, than rushed (1/2 hour late) to a birthday party at chuck e cheese (thank god they serve beer)..... now I'm home for a breif moment of sanity (and to blog) then we are off to two halloween parties.... Phew... I'm so exhausted and it's only 1/2 over!!!
Just not quite sure what we are dressing as.... I think I know, but Steve is still a little unsure. We think he's going to do something fun w/ his hair though.... (will keep you posted on that one).
I can't believe how rainy it got this afternoon! It started sunny, but now rain, hail, total nastiness for those of us going out tonight... sigh....
Nothing else going on really... our new beagle Belle is slowly s l o w l y starting to adjust.... other than those few accidents on the floor that she is not supposed to have at 4 yrs old. She is so super funny though... her obsession w/ squirrels just cracks me up, and we have one that has decided to move in between our unit and our neighbor so it hops all over on the tree in front of our window, and I know it's looking in at Belle barking like an idiot, and going "he he he" just like in the Geico commercial... so funny....
It's alot to adjust to having a younger beagle again... she's alot of work.. want's to go outside all the time to sniff things I guess. But she's as cute as can be, and we love her! despite all her inperfections!!!
Ok Steve just came up we are off to the Halloween store to go through what "might" be left for him to find... wish us luck, and talk soon!!!