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Monday, November 27, 2006

Don't be deceived by the EVIL snowplow!

OK fine.... So I was sooo prepared yesterday. I was having a great day.!!! The only bummer was I had a appointment at the groomers to get our new charge Cozmo all trimmed up and looking spiffy. (can't remember if I mentioned we are babysitting Shane and Tara's Pomeranian Cozmo). Well he's been here for almost a full month, and the first thing I wanted to do was get him prim and proper, well I wasn't sure how long he'd be with us, and frankly it's kind of spendy so I have been waiting. Well since it's been almost a month, I thought it was time.... Here is a picture of him and our oldest Lucy when they first met 2 yrs ago and we're next door neighbors. So the only thing I had planned yesterday was to get that done. Well the appointment was at 10:30 and the snow didn't begin to fall until about 9:45, so I thought... "Tons of time" so I put him in the car which he was soooo excited about it was funny, and btw he makes the cutest little noises in the car!!!! BUT we got 1/2 way up the hill and I noticed that even just up the hill from us, they had WAY more snow than us, and it was all over the street. Hint: wimpy pickup truck w/ old tires= NOOOOO TRACTION. So a little slip sliding and I decided that it was probably best to turn around and re-schedule. So I did and I was really really bummed. After I got home, I just pulled in the driveway and Steve came running out to say since the store, is at the same elevation as us, it's probably best to go now. So we did!!! And I'm so glad because not only did we not have ANY food in the house, and I refused to order any take out, it was nice to have real groceries...AND the new safeway has S-T-A-R-B-U-C-K-S!!!!! I have never been a coffee drinker and in fact I don't even own a coffee pot, but my sister Amanda (love you) used to be a triple mocha 3 x's a day person finally showed me some drinks I would like that don't taste like coffee i.e mocha frapachino's, blended vanilla mocha's. You know totally good for you stuff like that... (LOL) so that's what I've been drinking for the last few years. Well at work last week, (yes I'm still w/ Boeing) someone did a starbucks run, and I said no thanks. But there was a mistake somewhere, so they had an extra drink and no one to give it too, so I thought, hell I'll try it, and it was a Pumpkin spice Latte. OMG amazing... So it's only been a few days, but I have now been drinking latte's... How many years behind am I??? LOL. B
But anyway, we got our groceries, and pumpkin spice latte and headed home! Than how glorious was it??? I got to lay in bed all day and watch the snow come down, underneath my electric woobie (blanket) and watch.... YUP. I got to finish my Beverly Hills 90210 DVD's!!! It was sooo awesome!!! Ha!!! It was fun chatting w Nikki every now and than for a snow update where she was! So fun!!! (apparently I woke her up to the snow news)!!! Well since I watched the snow come down all day and night, I pre-planned my commute for today. You know I like my job when I plan out the day before, and actually worry about how to get there. But being the grown up I'm trying to be, I didn't call my Daddy in panic. I planned for the bus. (though I did call him to tell him how proud of myself I was. LOL) I than went to bed and slept great! I woke up nice and early, got all my stuff ready, Steve made my lunch, I packed my bag w/ extra socks and a fully charged IPOD and I was good to go for the bus!
But what drove by???? A snow plow!!! So stupid me was like, HELL YEAH!!! I can take my truck, leave work and be home for as much of Monday night football as possible (go Hawks!!). So Steve helped me get out of the driveway, which was pretty covered since it hadn't moved inalmost 24 hrs. I slipped getting out and onto the main road, but hey all was well. So I got out and onto Mukilteo Blvd, feeling great!! Than ~ crap ~ I turned onto Beverly Lane to go the whole 2 miles to work. Well 1 and 1/2 of those miles are up hill, and no-one plowed that road. I remember the things my Daddy taught me... If your sliding, don't stop, keep going and turn w/ your skid. Well that worked for a while, until the road naturally curves while it goes up hill, so I just kept going and couldn't stop, until I hit a nice snowbank, w/ a sidewalk backdrop. CRAP. At this point I was wedged. I remained calm, and took a deep breath as I called Steve to let him know, I went the opposite way he recommends and got stuck. He in oh so nice obscenities, walked up to unstick me, just as my boss volunteered to pick me up! So he unwedged me, we coasted back down the hill to home, and my lovely boss picked me up ~ laughing all the way ~ (ha ha ha).
So I got a ride home from a different co-worker, and the Hawks won, and I have no major rush to get to work in the morning. I can do some work from home, than when it melts, head in for the rest of the day!!! Don't know how much more snow we'll get but it's now 11:30 PM and still folks are stuck on the freeway... (I relate) So tomorrows commute will be an icy mess, and I will pray for those, while I sit here, and work while I wait for the snow to melt!!!
Stay dry, warm, and DON'T TRUST THE EVIL SNOWPLOW MAN!!!!



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    lol. You crack me up.


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