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Sunday, March 26, 2006

How long till June??

Ok, so I've been keeping mum about this until confirmation (no I'm not pregnant).... BUT it looks like my Nikki is finally coming home!!!!!!!!!

I'm soooo excited!!! We've been apart for like 10 yrs now, and it's been brutal..... It's always been nice knowing that the one person (besides the Stever) who knows absolutely everything about you has always been there, but 3000 miles away.... But still there!!! Even though we have only seen eachother face to face in that 10 yrs once... It still seems as though a moment has not passed that we have been together! Even 3000 miles away she knows what's going on here w/ me and all that surrounds me and has always been there!!! NOW she'll just get to do it w/ me only 20 min away!!!! I hope her husband isn't regretful!!! He he he!!!!

So it looks as though all is well w/ her and she will be home in late June.... So close but so far away!!!! Sigh.....

Other than her and I trading early morning phone calls and 50 million back and forth frantic (have you heard anything yet) emails.... Not much happening w/ me.... Just kicked back now in my flannels and trusty dale Jr. T-shirt getting ready to watch my Nascar race! Very excited..!! Will try to achieve my goal of staying in my flannels all day!!! (love doing that from time to time!!) Cuddle w/ my animals and enjoy my Sunday!!!!

luvs, Andrea

Monday, March 13, 2006

You all can take this flu of yours and.....

Man, just when you think you are safe, someone else gets sick.... I don't get it, it starts w/ the little ones.. (where they get it, I don't know). Than just when they get over it, it makes it's way through the adults... Sigh...
Neighbors had it, did my part to stay away, was hard but I did.... Than my family gets it too, Zack was sick over his birthday, and almost 1 week later Mandy gets it... So where it's coming from for me is anyone's guess... But it seemed as though everyone was on the up and up, than I had some issues w/ soup at work today.... Yeah very embarrassing... So I wont go into details, but I refuse to believe I am sick, and I'm calling it payback for eating like complete crap all day yesterday...
Well come on it was my favorite day, Sunday!!! Nascar!!! And my beloved Sopranos!!! Awesome of course! And I kind of found the show that came on afterwards very intriguing!! Big Love I think it was called! I'll check back in w/ it next week!
So now I sit here, while the Stever watches "Jarhead"... Definitely one for the boys.. Talk about male bonding wow! It's good, but very manly! Time to play my Sims, cuddle under my woobie, hope I don't have an issue w/ the dinner Steve made me eat, and enjoy my nice cozy fire he made for me!!!
love and healthiness!!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New schedule DAY ONE...

Ok... So I started my new schedule this today, or shall I say back to my old schedule... But it's been a few months so it seems as though to be a new schedule! I did good... Figured if I went to bed at 10pm, got up at 4:45 all would be well... I wanted to prove to Shane that I good be a good carpooler and not be late... So promptly at 5:22 3 min. Early, I went to the front porch to wait... I am so excited to be riding w/ him, because he likes to stop in the morning for coffee!! Yeah!!
But... Yup But.... We go to Starbucks the Nordstrom of coffee places and they couldn't make me a frappacino... I'm so snobby when it comes to stuff I like I went w/o it instead of getting something else... Shane felt sooo bad... But it was ok, and I managed!!
It was heaven getting there so early that I can actually find a desk... They have hired so many people lately that when I was getting there at 11.. There we're no desks left. Major bummer!
They say "say" that they are trying to work something out, so people can have permanent homes... But we shall see!!
My weekend was "wow"
I had a nervous breakdown at work on Saturday so I left early... I think just learning all this new stuff, having really crappy customers and feeling so incredibly lonely I just had to bolt... I went to my parents house which was fabulous, because Mandy was throwing Zackery's 5th family bday party! And I got some good crying in w/ my daddy and some good laughs and bonding w/ my lovely aunt Laurie! We have fun no matter what we are doing and we always have stuff to talk about!!! So it was a great pick me up!
I went home feeling refreshed and ready to go!!! Sunday was ok! Had it's good and bad moments... It was Zack's "friends party" and I blew up at one of my best friends because her kids we're sick and she couldn't come... Totally not her fault, but I was so worried about Zack being disappointed that I kinda got snotty... ick... I hate that about myself, and I crumbled... I spent all day feeling like crap about it... I hope all is well now, I can only just keep apologizing, but we shall see... Now her poor little baby is really sick w/ the possibility of 2 different strains of the flu and she is only 3 months old.. Not good for anyone. Prayers please!

So Sunday night is one of my favorite nights.... OSCAR NIGHT!!!

We had alternate plans and that is ok, that is what DVR is for!

We had Korn tickets!!!!
Crappy for having to go allllll the way to Tacoma, but when your w/ your friends it's ok!! i like the bands that we're playing Korn, Mudvayne, and some other band... But didn't "LOVE" them... But I wanted to be there for the Stever... so I put my game face on and went w/ the group! I was determined to have a good time, and I did!!! it was a blast! Good friends, good music and lot's of laughs....
Never fails though, everytime I go to the Tacoma Dome I get hurt in some way... Last time was when we went to Brittany Spears Mandy, mel and I took Alyssa, and I got beat up by a bunch of pre-teens.... I was going up the stairs to the bathroom just as the lights went out and all these little girls came down the stairs at the same time... I got ping ponged off the metal arm rests of the chairs... Had bruises so bad, we took pictures.... This time as I was going up the stairs, I slipped on something and totally fell on my hip.... Nice bruise there... ick!!!!
Than Alyssa and I got a stinky beer dumped on top of us, and of course I wore my dry clean only jacket.... grrrrrrrr
but all in all it was great!
So now it's Tuesday night and I have to be up again by 4:45 and I can't tear myself away from the tv because my amazing race is on.... What is wrong w/ me.... So I will be up until 11 and if starbucks doesn't have that dang frapp. Machine working so help me, I will be writing a strong letter to Mr. starbuck....
ok.... Now that all that is out of my system....
I can have that one last glass of wine b4 amazing race!!! (love this cast this time)