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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Update finally!!

Ok, so I know I haven't written much lately, but I've just been so busy w/ my booming business that haven't had a chance to write!!!!!
How fun was convention!!!
Ok, so I had some emotional moments (it's a little difficult traveling alone for the first time) but the amount of inspiration, and classes and free training I got was so worth any weak moments I may have had!
I got to hear so many stories and learn about the business so much more than I ever could've imagined, it was amazing! And I can't wait for January's...
Disneyland was awesome! I couldn't believe I was actually there! it was sooooo cool! We had some problems getting rides in, the wait times we're unbelievable, but I went with some amazing ladies that I enjoyed so much, I can't wait to see them again!
But, was it me, or did they shrink snow whites castle?? It seemed so small I thought it was bigger. Hmmmm
I cannot wait for my open house on September 10th, so do please all come it's from 11-4 and the fall jewelry is just fantastic! I can't wait to show it off!!!!
So too all this is it for now! Please don't disappoint me I can't wait to see you all on September 10th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

California here I come!!!

Ok, so I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm off to convention Thursday morning!!! I'm a official business women who gets to attend fun conventions!!! (Oh and Disneyland thanks to some generous donations!!!!!!) I cannot wait to share all of this with you all...
I'm so nervous it's the first trip I've gone on alone since I was 12 yrs old, and even then it was just the plane ride, I was with my grandparents the whole rest of the time... but that's ok!! I can do this and I will be fine!!!!
Soooooooooo We also got a brand new Beagle!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her name is Belle and she's 4 yrs old, we got her Friday night and so far so good, she's so sweet, a little shy and alot like our beloved Bj...
So try not to miss me everyone... he he he I'll be soaking up the sun and home before you know it!!!
Love you....