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Monday, January 08, 2007

New Years Can Mean New Things!!!

So I'm moving into the BIG BOEING plant tomorrow!!! I have been working off site in the pre-employment department, and I got called in by my bossess, boss to move into the big plant into a post employment department doing a whole bunch of stuff I have no clue about yet!!!

So yeah to me, and I will let you all know what's new w/ the new job tomorrow!!! I'm still a temp, but this a better way into permanant!!!

So I still have been very unhappy about our weather situation, and we are supposed to get snow tomorrow which I would normally love, however I start my new job effective tomorrow (at 530 am) and if it snow's tomorrow night like they say, my want to be pick up doesn't do so well, so that would upset me.... but other than that i'm very excited and I will update when I know more!!!

So Mandy and baby are doing great!!!! he's so fun!! and to watch him and her 5 year old Zackery together is amazing!! I love it!!

So we got to go to the Seahawks Playoff game on Saturday and what a freakin blast!!!! it was the most intense 2 minutes ever, and I feel so blessed to have been apart of it, so thank you Clay and Shelly for helping to make my Steve's dreams come true!!!!! lol, Steve and I are still hoarse so all day at work I was calling it the "Seahawks Laryngitis".... everyone got a kick out of that!!

ok, i'm off!! Go Hawks, and did I mention Nascar is back in 40 days????
40 DAYS BABY!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

soooo busy!!!

I've been so super busy w/ work, as soon as I get home I just want to collapse.... But it's been a busy week!!! Mandy and Fred had their new baby boy on Monday!!! wooohoooo he's so super sweet so here is Garrett weighing 6lbs and 14 ozs!!! Their 5 year old Zackery is really so great about being the new big brother, and he's taking such good care of his Mommy!!! I think they come home from the hospital tonight. What's so great about him is that he looks like Fred and Zack, but he has just enough characteristics to be his own person too, and it's very sweet! He makes the sweetest little noises!!! I can't wait to hold him at home!! Hopefully tomorrow!

So the Holidays are in full swing! Steve has got the whole house all done up (per my request) and he's done such a great job at making it special for me!! We had the hardest time finding a tree just right for our house, because we usually buy them at the Home De-pot, however those tress are always so big it just wouldn't work in our little house. However Rite Aid of all places had one, and it's just 5 ft tall and perfect! We had such a fun Christmas time too getting it all decorated. We had on Christmas music, decorated, than watched Christmas Vacation, and just had a nice time bonding as a family!!!
Christmas shopping is a whole separate issue... I've gotten a start, so that's better than last year I guess!

Over the last few weeks we also had our Cousins annual Cookie exchange and that was super fun, I was very organized for that this year, had my cookies all made and ready to go the night before, so that's more of that feeling like a grown up thing! My sisters even said something so that made me feel good! Catherine did the usual awesome job hosting this fun event, she had some great games, and wonderful food, and again, cannot wait until next year!!
We also finally got Cozmo's hair done, and helooks so incredible!!! It took them over 4 hours, and when he came out, I really didn't think that was him... LOL, he almost looks like a baby reindeer, you know the ones from the Burl Ives Rudolph special, his legs look so long and frail, it's adorable!!!

Sunday was sooo fun that was the day before Garrett came along, and Mandy had to do some pre-op stuff at the hospital, so I went with her to do that, and we also did some shopping! Than I got to go to Nikki's house for her sons birthday party!!! What a fun time that was! I got to meet her in-laws, and I wish I could go home with them!!!! They we're so fun! And I just loved them to death and felt as though I have known them forever. I can't wait to see them again! They leave tomorrow, but I don't think I can get a chance to say goodbye.... Sniffle.... Ok ok ok I know they are Nikki' in-laws but since I feel her and I are one, they can be mine too right????

Ok Merry Christmas and I will post some house pics. Soon!!!

Lot's of love and Cheer


Monday, November 27, 2006

Don't be deceived by the EVIL snowplow!

OK fine.... So I was sooo prepared yesterday. I was having a great day.!!! The only bummer was I had a appointment at the groomers to get our new charge Cozmo all trimmed up and looking spiffy. (can't remember if I mentioned we are babysitting Shane and Tara's Pomeranian Cozmo). Well he's been here for almost a full month, and the first thing I wanted to do was get him prim and proper, well I wasn't sure how long he'd be with us, and frankly it's kind of spendy so I have been waiting. Well since it's been almost a month, I thought it was time.... Here is a picture of him and our oldest Lucy when they first met 2 yrs ago and we're next door neighbors. So the only thing I had planned yesterday was to get that done. Well the appointment was at 10:30 and the snow didn't begin to fall until about 9:45, so I thought... "Tons of time" so I put him in the car which he was soooo excited about it was funny, and btw he makes the cutest little noises in the car!!!! BUT we got 1/2 way up the hill and I noticed that even just up the hill from us, they had WAY more snow than us, and it was all over the street. Hint: wimpy pickup truck w/ old tires= NOOOOO TRACTION. So a little slip sliding and I decided that it was probably best to turn around and re-schedule. So I did and I was really really bummed. After I got home, I just pulled in the driveway and Steve came running out to say since the store, is at the same elevation as us, it's probably best to go now. So we did!!! And I'm so glad because not only did we not have ANY food in the house, and I refused to order any take out, it was nice to have real groceries...AND the new safeway has S-T-A-R-B-U-C-K-S!!!!! I have never been a coffee drinker and in fact I don't even own a coffee pot, but my sister Amanda (love you) used to be a triple mocha 3 x's a day person finally showed me some drinks I would like that don't taste like coffee i.e mocha frapachino's, blended vanilla mocha's. You know totally good for you stuff like that... (LOL) so that's what I've been drinking for the last few years. Well at work last week, (yes I'm still w/ Boeing) someone did a starbucks run, and I said no thanks. But there was a mistake somewhere, so they had an extra drink and no one to give it too, so I thought, hell I'll try it, and it was a Pumpkin spice Latte. OMG amazing... So it's only been a few days, but I have now been drinking latte's... How many years behind am I??? LOL. B
But anyway, we got our groceries, and pumpkin spice latte and headed home! Than how glorious was it??? I got to lay in bed all day and watch the snow come down, underneath my electric woobie (blanket) and watch.... YUP. I got to finish my Beverly Hills 90210 DVD's!!! It was sooo awesome!!! Ha!!! It was fun chatting w Nikki every now and than for a snow update where she was! So fun!!! (apparently I woke her up to the snow news)!!! Well since I watched the snow come down all day and night, I pre-planned my commute for today. You know I like my job when I plan out the day before, and actually worry about how to get there. But being the grown up I'm trying to be, I didn't call my Daddy in panic. I planned for the bus. (though I did call him to tell him how proud of myself I was. LOL) I than went to bed and slept great! I woke up nice and early, got all my stuff ready, Steve made my lunch, I packed my bag w/ extra socks and a fully charged IPOD and I was good to go for the bus!
But what drove by???? A snow plow!!! So stupid me was like, HELL YEAH!!! I can take my truck, leave work and be home for as much of Monday night football as possible (go Hawks!!). So Steve helped me get out of the driveway, which was pretty covered since it hadn't moved inalmost 24 hrs. I slipped getting out and onto the main road, but hey all was well. So I got out and onto Mukilteo Blvd, feeling great!! Than ~ crap ~ I turned onto Beverly Lane to go the whole 2 miles to work. Well 1 and 1/2 of those miles are up hill, and no-one plowed that road. I remember the things my Daddy taught me... If your sliding, don't stop, keep going and turn w/ your skid. Well that worked for a while, until the road naturally curves while it goes up hill, so I just kept going and couldn't stop, until I hit a nice snowbank, w/ a sidewalk backdrop. CRAP. At this point I was wedged. I remained calm, and took a deep breath as I called Steve to let him know, I went the opposite way he recommends and got stuck. He in oh so nice obscenities, walked up to unstick me, just as my boss volunteered to pick me up! So he unwedged me, we coasted back down the hill to home, and my lovely boss picked me up ~ laughing all the way ~ (ha ha ha).
So I got a ride home from a different co-worker, and the Hawks won, and I have no major rush to get to work in the morning. I can do some work from home, than when it melts, head in for the rest of the day!!! Don't know how much more snow we'll get but it's now 11:30 PM and still folks are stuck on the freeway... (I relate) So tomorrows commute will be an icy mess, and I will pray for those, while I sit here, and work while I wait for the snow to melt!!!
Stay dry, warm, and DON'T TRUST THE EVIL SNOWPLOW MAN!!!!


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Where the wind blows by......

So here it comes... Week 5 millionth of wind/rain storms... yikes... I'm a big weenie when it comes to Mother Nature. It's one of the few things we have no control over, and it can just be downright scary. We got the official word to find candles and flashlights before bed. Sigh. I will say one thing for this stupid cold/cough I have, AT LEAST THERE IS NYQUIL!!!! So hopefully I will be able to sleep threw it! The thing I hate about wind is things fall on you. Normally I wouldn't worry about it to much, but Andy Wapler had to go and say how because of how rainy it's been, it's possibly weekend our trees....WELL THANKS ANDY..... DAMN..... "Well that's the news at 11 so sleep well" SURE.... grrrr. so let's just all hope and pray than not only does my Nyquil hold strong, but so do the trees.
So to catch up, I'm still working w/ Boeing, and I finally applied for real jobs at Boeing, so that if this job does stay temporary, than I have my name out there. But I love where I'm at now, and other than some personal stress I have had, the work itself is great! I'm tired a lot, because I'm often answering several hundred emails, and scheduling/calling and giving tests a day, that it feels like I'm constantly going. But I like it and I feel I'm doing well at it, so that's good!
Steve and I are still babysitting Cozmo, our friends Pomeranian, while they move, and we thought we'd feel crowded, but we don't.. Everyone is settling ok.
Holidays are coming and I'm excited about all the family time coming up! With this new job, I'm often working 50 hours a week, and any spare time, I'm glued in my flannel pants, while Steve makes sure I remember to eat!
All righty, I'm off to watch the finale of dancing w/ the stars (don't ask me why)



Thursday, October 26, 2006

Back to Work!!! (and it's fun)

Well.... I'm always there to help a friend in need!! W/ the holidays coming up and the need to want to stash some cash away, my friend Nicole calls me to say that her work is looking to hire one more person and would I be interested?
I said no of course, because I am happy being the housewife and selling my jewelry and visiting Nikki every chance I get, BUT...
She told me they would pay me really well, for doing pretty much nothing....
So who am I to complain. After the 2nd call I finally said... Hell sign me up.
Back to work I go. It's at Boeing, but I am considered a "contract" employee, so I got hired on through a temp service, but what I do is when people apply for jobs at Boeing, they have to come in to take an Assessment test and if they pass that they get scheduled for Pre-employment training, and blah blah blah. Well I schedule the Assessments and than proctor them when they folks show up to take the tests.
And it's fun!!!! I get to usher them into a room, show them the power point presentation on how to find the emergency exits a'la flight attendant speech, than try to show them how to hit Control, Alt Delete at the same time, and off they go!!!! Than I sit in the room w/ them for the up to 3 hours it may take them, than I either escort them out if they fail, or take them to Nicoles office where she schedules them for the pre-employment training! They are having us work all kind of weird hours, because we work when the assessments are so some days are shorter or longer than others, and I have to work Saturdays, but I really don't mind... Other than it being mentally challenging (as far as answering and scheduling 600 applicants.) but I have never enjoyed a job more (other than my Cookie Lee). It's only been a few weeks, but I really really like it!!!
Halloween is coming this weekend, and not exactly sure what's going on.... Some things I had scheduled got cancelled, so I may have to regroup. Melinda (oldest sister) got a job cocktailing at Jimmy Z's and they are having a Halloween party and that's close enough to take a cab, so we'll see!
Other than that, not much else is going on. It looks as though Steve and I may be babysitting our friends puppy for a while, while they move and get settled in their new place. I think Belle will really really be happy, because she wants to play a lot more than Lucy does.. We think poor Lucy is going blind, as she is starting to get a little confused when we walk by she has to bark at us until we get close enough for her to focus a little better... Sad... But kinda cute too!!!
So I miss going to see Nikki, and my sister, but I'm still here and hanging tough!!!
Sunshine is coming through again!!!
lot's of love,

Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm still here!! (sort-of)

I'm still here... Just nothing to report.... We're just plugging away day by day! I'm excited that fall is here, and that I get to bring out the thicker blankets!!! It's almost fireplace time too.... Just feeling a little blue lately... We've just had a couple of things not go our way, BUT!!! I'm optimistic, and looking forward to things to come, just at the moment doesn't feel like they are coming.... But I have a great new/old little house, fun pets, a wonderful husband and great friends, so I guess what am I bitching about... Sigh....
I'm looking forward to Halloween too! I don't think we will be getting many trick-or-treaters this year, because where we live, I don't see to many kids... But we'll be stocked up and ready just in case!!! Plus my 5 yr old nephews always stop by for our annual photo... hmmm we moved a little bit further north, I hope they still come....

ok, this is way ubber short, and probably not worth the read... Sorry... Next time will be better! Promise!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Just checking in!!

Well not too much to write about... (I always say that, and then I end up writing a novel... LOL)
The weekend went so good!!! We went to lunch w/ the Mom-in-law at Azteca on Saturday and that was really fun!!! Than on Sunday was our big open house/houswarming/come watch the Seahawks spank the Giants Gala!!!
And it was a blast!!! Everybody that showed up (which was 95% of the guestlist!! wahoo) seemed to have a great time!!! Nikki and Phil brought us an apple pie which was so exciting, (I've never been brought a pie before), and a wonderful extra special welcome home card... (thanks guys we love you).
Melinda and her crew brought us new housekeys!!! I new something was up when on Saturday she said she needed me to bring her my house key w/ no questions asked... hmmm but I never would have guessed that she brought Steve a Seahawks key, and me a Dale Jr. Key!!!!! It was GREAT!!!!!! We only had the one key, and we kept getting so frustrated, because it's such a stupid thing to do, but we kept going out to start the truck than going "oh crap" we forgot to lock the door, so we would have to turn off the truck and start all over... LOL, not that it's hard to get keys made mind you, but something easily forgotten, so thanks Mel!! (and Alyssa).
I was able to get the party cleaned up, and the house back to normal by prime time, and we had sunshine!!! It was great!!!! I only managed to get one picture, but it's a great one!!! This is Steve's bud Shane, and his baby girl Camryn.... (his whole crew came all decked out for Seahawk Sunday).

There sooo cute!!!

House related, we have been doing great at getting it all pretty and it paid off I think... Our friends brought their kids over, and you know what.... They all had fun!!!! It was amazing!!! The kids actually played together... Not w/ toys or xbox thingies... Actual running around and coming up w/ games, and other than some minor pine cone accidents and remnants, they did well!!! So Yeah!!!

Alrighty, well Steve and I are off to see Godsmack at the ampitheater tomorrow in Auburn, everyone wish us luck that I find it ok.....

Lots of love,