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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Just checking in!!

Well not too much to write about... (I always say that, and then I end up writing a novel... LOL)
The weekend went so good!!! We went to lunch w/ the Mom-in-law at Azteca on Saturday and that was really fun!!! Than on Sunday was our big open house/houswarming/come watch the Seahawks spank the Giants Gala!!!
And it was a blast!!! Everybody that showed up (which was 95% of the guestlist!! wahoo) seemed to have a great time!!! Nikki and Phil brought us an apple pie which was so exciting, (I've never been brought a pie before), and a wonderful extra special welcome home card... (thanks guys we love you).
Melinda and her crew brought us new housekeys!!! I new something was up when on Saturday she said she needed me to bring her my house key w/ no questions asked... hmmm but I never would have guessed that she brought Steve a Seahawks key, and me a Dale Jr. Key!!!!! It was GREAT!!!!!! We only had the one key, and we kept getting so frustrated, because it's such a stupid thing to do, but we kept going out to start the truck than going "oh crap" we forgot to lock the door, so we would have to turn off the truck and start all over... LOL, not that it's hard to get keys made mind you, but something easily forgotten, so thanks Mel!! (and Alyssa).
I was able to get the party cleaned up, and the house back to normal by prime time, and we had sunshine!!! It was great!!!! I only managed to get one picture, but it's a great one!!! This is Steve's bud Shane, and his baby girl Camryn.... (his whole crew came all decked out for Seahawk Sunday).

There sooo cute!!!

House related, we have been doing great at getting it all pretty and it paid off I think... Our friends brought their kids over, and you know what.... They all had fun!!!! It was amazing!!! The kids actually played together... Not w/ toys or xbox thingies... Actual running around and coming up w/ games, and other than some minor pine cone accidents and remnants, they did well!!! So Yeah!!!

Alrighty, well Steve and I are off to see Godsmack at the ampitheater tomorrow in Auburn, everyone wish us luck that I find it ok.....

Lots of love,



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