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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Where the wind blows by......

So here it comes... Week 5 millionth of wind/rain storms... yikes... I'm a big weenie when it comes to Mother Nature. It's one of the few things we have no control over, and it can just be downright scary. We got the official word to find candles and flashlights before bed. Sigh. I will say one thing for this stupid cold/cough I have, AT LEAST THERE IS NYQUIL!!!! So hopefully I will be able to sleep threw it! The thing I hate about wind is things fall on you. Normally I wouldn't worry about it to much, but Andy Wapler had to go and say how because of how rainy it's been, it's possibly weekend our trees....WELL THANKS ANDY..... DAMN..... "Well that's the news at 11 so sleep well" SURE.... grrrr. so let's just all hope and pray than not only does my Nyquil hold strong, but so do the trees.
So to catch up, I'm still working w/ Boeing, and I finally applied for real jobs at Boeing, so that if this job does stay temporary, than I have my name out there. But I love where I'm at now, and other than some personal stress I have had, the work itself is great! I'm tired a lot, because I'm often answering several hundred emails, and scheduling/calling and giving tests a day, that it feels like I'm constantly going. But I like it and I feel I'm doing well at it, so that's good!
Steve and I are still babysitting Cozmo, our friends Pomeranian, while they move, and we thought we'd feel crowded, but we don't.. Everyone is settling ok.
Holidays are coming and I'm excited about all the family time coming up! With this new job, I'm often working 50 hours a week, and any spare time, I'm glued in my flannel pants, while Steve makes sure I remember to eat!
All righty, I'm off to watch the finale of dancing w/ the stars (don't ask me why)




  • At 7:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh yay, finally you updated!

    Now my mom will leave me alone!!

    /evil glare

    tee hee


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