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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Could it be? Am I growing up???

So two big things happened over the last few days!!!! Nikki was finally able to help me understand how to post pictures!!! (yeah, and thanks Nik, for your patience!!) And I got a brand new printer and hooked it all up myself, w/0 having to call my Daddy!!!! He he he... This is only funny because I have had to call him every day for just about everything these days....
First, I broke my bedroom door, one week after we moved in... Sigh... So I went and bought the door myself (yeah me) but had to have the Daddy saw and fix, it and and Fred brought in something named "Brad".... hmmm but it works good! Than night before last I stepped on and broke the cord to my lap top so again the Daddy had to bring out the sautering iron and make something do till my new cord arrives, because ohhhh no, the baby can't be w/o her lap top!!! (blush) and no I'm not spoiled....
ANYWAYS, so we've been in the new home for 2 whole weeks, and we are pretty much settled... Other than probably one more dump run for boxes, and crap, we are finally starting to get into our routine of coming home from work and relaxing rather than coming home, doing this, fixing that, and running this many errands... ick.... We're still doing these things, but day by day they are better and fewer!!! So now it's doing yard work and such for the fun of it, not the "we have too, in order to be able to stand looking at it" factor!!!!
Alrighty well Survivor premiers tonight!!!! Yeah!!!




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