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Friday, November 25, 2005


This is soooo sad. I had to call all the way out/over to New Jersey for help w/ eBay.... sigh.... I've never done it before and I am so nervous, I was telling Nic that I felt like I was buying a car, so funny!!! Well I'm in the process of bidding and we'll see.... Can't say what it is for it has the hopes of being a Christmas present so I am working on that!!! Will let you know how it goes!!
So Thanksgiving....
It started out as being all I hoped it would be, fun, relaxing, parade.... Than I found out my coffee place wasn't open so know mocha big train for me. But I was ok with that... Than the teenager inside me fell apart when I found out Nick and Jessica are really separating..... I know truly pathetic on my end, but I am a true romantic, and I followed them faithfully on newlyweds and thought they really we're adorable.... so it honestly really bummed me out....
Other than those 2 things, Thanksgiving was great! We had a great time at Steve's moms house!!! The more historical romances and crosswords I do get me better and better at Scrabble and one of these day's I'm going to beat Steve's mom I just know it!!
Than we went to my Mom's house and everyone was there!! Jo and Kody are back from Mexico so we got to see all of there wedding pictures that was fun! And Cher and Jenny we're there as well and we hardly every get to see them so that was great!! We had fun just hanging out and chatting, and my aunt Laurie and I always have fun together!! So it was a really nice way to wind up the evening!!!
I was in bed by 10:00 and it was funny because I had to work today, so I wanted to make sure and have plenty of sleep, but I had 8 hrs exactly and was more tired this morning than when I only have 6 so I've got to think I function better on less sleep which is not unheard of!!
I kept thinking it was Monday, one day off work than going back you know... After I got home I was thinking we we're set to watch Las Vegas tonight not Ghost Whisperer... I'm all thrown off!!
It was slow at work though so I got to get off early and I met Mom and Mandy and we did some shopping!!! I was glad I had my BAU though (big ass umbrella) which I won at my work awards thing on Wed. This thing is huge and it kept us all dry!!! It was so incredibly rainy today... Some guy at Kmart even wanted to buy it from me!!!! he he he So Mandy and I named it the BAU!!!
After I left them I met Steve at Walgreens and we got some fun Christmas decor.... So we hung that up together, now I'm online to figure out this whole eBay thing..... Talk about coming into the now.... sheesh....
sorry for the rambling, it just comes out of no where... LOL

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Feeling the love!!

This is just my favorite time of year!! I would have to say that Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday... And I've been giving this a lot of thought as to why lately, and I think it's because it actually starts off all the get togethers and fun stuff!!
My work is closed tomorrow so I found out I actually get to watch the parade live, so I'm very excited about that!! The last year or two I have had to tape it and watch it after I got home from the 2 family hoping triptafan hangover!!!
Things have just been so extrodinarly good the last few day's it's almost scary!!! Steve and I have had our fare share of crappy things happen to us the last few years (not to eachother but business/financially wise) that now that it appears (keep your fingers crossed) we are seeing a bright next couple of months it's almost hard to believe.... So I just wont talk about it!!!
I have spent the last couple of days getting us budgeted through May and making sure we are set and secure!! Ask me in May how I did!!! LOL
Wamu work is going well also, today I got rewarded for my stats for the 3rd quarter so that was really fun! Always makes you take a step back and realize why you love your job! (at least for a day or two LOL)... They gave us a pin, and certificate, and a really really really big umbrella!!! This thing is huge..... The 20 of us that won this award today we're all trying to shuffle back to our 1/2 cubes w/o banging into eachother it was so funny!! But really fun!!
And for those that know me.... You know how I love Tim McGraw... Well he's been all over the TV the last few weeks so I've gotten to see him tons it's been awesome!!! He always reminds me of my Steve, and I figured out why... He kind of looks like him... I've said that for years and he never believed me until someone stopped him on the street and said it... But also the whole Tim and Faith hill love connection.... Kind reminds me of my Steve and me... They are always gushing about how much they love eachother, and in the way he talks about her is how my Steve talks about me and vice versa so it's sweet and I love it!! Guess it's an inside thing.. And it sounds silly but it's true!! Guess you have to me and my Stever to understand!!!
IM just feeling so good and optimistic about the upcoming months I can't wait to get started!! I'm filled w/ love, joy and the need to hug all the people I love!!!
Wow after reading this back I now realize how silly this all sounds, but oh well!! I'm in love and why hide that right?? right!!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

What a yukky/weird couple of days...

So I was having a kind of fun week, me and my friend Nicole F. Had a lot of fun at work this week, a lot of giggles, and fun... I finally got inspired to re-do our work teams corkboard that we are supposed to use to to help inspire our work team and feel like a unit... Well I'm the only one that does it, and my friend Justine and I used to do it together, but she doesn't work at WAMU anymore, so I finally realized w/ the upcoming holiday's I could take down our big huge sunshine that's been up since last march!! So this lady at work Sarah let me use her leaf cut outs to make a new board for us!! So that was fun and that killed a couple days of work this week!!
I was also so super excited for Saturday as I had a Cookie Lee show booked and I couldn't wait!!! Had been planning for it all week, getting in touch w/ my hostess all was going super!!
It started out as such a fun day!!! Work was really super slow, so Nicole F. And I got out of work early and we went out for lunch, than she went w/ me to go find a dog sweater!! Poor Lucy is starting to get so cold when she goes outside, she shivers, so I new I had to get her a sweater and Nicole having a tiny Chihuahua I new she'd be my expert!!! So I got the sweater than came home and we had a nice walk.... Than....
We have been having really crappy fall weather all week, and so Thursday night which is our favorite night of the week!! The one night Steve and I agree on everything to watch, and it's been difficult lately because our TV upstairs went on the fritz, so we've been having to compromise down here, and I must say he's doing very well!!! He's really hoping for a John and Marlena reunion along w/ myself on "Days of our Lives" so that's good!!! BUT.....
Half way through the top stories on the news our TV went black.... It would pop back on for a few seconds but would than go out..... COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED ON A WORSE NIGHT???
So I immediately panicked and called Dad. He said I could borrow their little 13" TV till we can figure something out for the weekend... hmmm....
Really not gonna happen... I mean come on.... Survivor, CSI and ER????? I can't miss em....
I leashed up the girls headed over to Dad's and had him help me TV shop QUICKLY!!!
He was so nice he ran to Circuit City w/ me to help me find a new TV because I can't pick this stuff out.... It was kind of fun shopping together w/ me panicking and my time crunch!!! I picked one out...... got it loaded up, home, out of the box, hooked up and turned on by 7:57.... phew
All was well, and we got all our shows done!!!! Looking back it was pretty funny!!
But I woke up Friday and just new it..... I was sick.... I caught this nasty cold bug that has been passed around my family, but this is a nasty one... I went to work, kept getting fed this stuff called Emergen-cee from Nicole, and made it until noon I think?? Got home and put on my flannels and have barely moved since.... The one problem I was faced w/ today is my Cookie Lee show I have been looking forward too for weeks....
Thankfully Mandy (love u) stepped in at I'm talking the last minute, and did the show for me... So at least my hostess still got to have her party....
I laid in bed all day and have finally submerged to come downstairs and lay on the couch for a while... What a sucky weekend.....
But I am thankful for a wonderful husband who keeps me comfy and takes good care of me, a nice TV, a warm beagle, and a family that really supports, loves, and does what they can to make our lives much nicer!!
and it's not the cold medicine talking!!
love to you all!!!
Andrea (sniffle)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I love a good wedding!!

Wow what a night last night was!!! My cousin Jo's wedding was all I thought it would be and more! Her and Kody looked so beautiful, and happy, and so so very excited to share their day w/ us, as we we're happy to be there!
The ceremony was just amazing, the slide show was a happy cry, and watching our 2 favorite boys try to be such big boys was great!! I can't wait to see the video!
The reception was so great having all our family together at a true party, and celebration! I love getting together w/ my family and for such a wonderful occasion made it truly a night to remember.... (listen to me, it wasn't even my wedding and I'm gushing!!)
So now Kody and Jo, have just landed in Mexico to begin their life together (ok but they are coming back to Washington)..... so all my love to them, and I can't wait to see them at Thanksgiving I hope!!!

So I love Sunday's as I know I have mentioned before, but I truly do.... get to lay around in flannel pants all day, have some chips and salsa and watch football!!!! It's so cute how much Steve loves his Seahwaks!! I had to run to my Mom's to drop off my jewelry to Mandy (love you), and I came home just in time for the game to start and Steve had the entire house draped in his Hawks stuff, it's so cute!!!
Alrighty, I'm off to watch the Hawks, and eat the chips and salsa!!


Friday, November 04, 2005

Heater time already...

Ok... Oops... Didn't mean to just post the headline... It's my frostbitten fingers I suppose!!!
Anyways, I'm so glad it's Friday... Even though I had only a 4 day week, it was still long. I guess I'm just looking for a nice relaxing weekend, and things are starting to get back to normal!! Well I suppose until the holiday season starts.... Which I'm thinking is going to start full force in about 1 week.
It has been so unbelievably cold and rainy and windy this week, that it is now only 4:55 and I'm bundled in my sweatshirt, blankets and Steve took pitty on me and turned on the heater.... brrrr gonna have to go hunt for fire wood I think....
The only fun thing to report is that my cousin Johanna is getting married tomorrow and I am so very excited!!!! I have been looking forward to this for so long and I can't wait!!
Well I feel lame for having nothing to say, but I just wanted to try to stay ontop of it pop in!!!
enjoy your Friday!!
Oh ps has anyone out there been watching Ghost Whisperer?? Oh many if you want a good cry that show will do it (sniffle) it's sooooo good!!!!


heater time already...