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Monday, September 18, 2006

Cant.... move.... my legs....

OMG..... Ok, so the weekend was a blur, and a blast..!!!
We had Nikki's Cookie Lee kick off show/open house at her house on Saturday, and I arrived pretty early, and we went and took care of some last minute Starbucks, a-hem I mean details to get ready for!! Was so funny all we wanted we're some latex pink balloons and could you believe they aren't as easy to find anymore as you'd think... sheesh.... We went to Haggen's finally and she looked at us a little funny when I asked her if she had latex balloons, but it was ok!!! Than we went and picked up our open house sign, THAN ~ I got to drive her bug!!!! I got to drive her bug!!!! Granted it was for about 1 block and a 1/2 but just driving a car made in this century was a dream come true...!!! Thanks Nik!!!

Our show was great, she did a wonderful job, and I know she's going to be a great consultant and make a lot of her own dreams come true too!!! Her wonderfully fun and supportive husband went all the way across the trestle to pick up my wonderfully supportive husband just so we could go out for chips, salsa and Tarantula Margarita celebrations!!!
Than on Sunday we we're invited to the Seahawks game at Qwest field w/ Steve's brother Clay and wife Shelly (hi Shelly!!!). That was a complete blast of course, and the first time the 4 of us have ever really done anything like that w/o other people, so it was great to know even though we are family that we can have a great time together too!!!! ONLY downfall was the uh er, walk(ing).... Now I may not be the tiniest of girls, but I'm pretty in shape... I don't smoke, don't sit on the couch eating bunch of crap, I do my yoga several times a week, but OMG.... I wasn't winded at all (except for the stair climb part) but I was realizing as we we're walking back to the car, that my hips we're starting to get sore...... So alright, for someone who walks the Vegas strip as much as me this is nothing new..... But I woke up this morning, pretty sore, but as the day went on, hour by hour, I was just not able to move as well as I could even hours ago.... Ouch!!!! So to make myself feel better I map quested it to see how far we walked!!!! To the stadium from the car was 1.7 miles.... Than we walked all the way up the ramps to the top at the 300 level, than up 27 rows to our seats, not to mention those 1/2 dozen beer/bathroom runs throughout the game that go up and down, than down the ramps and back the 1.7 miles back to the car!!!!!!!!!
LOL, totally good for me and a time I wouldn't trade for anything.... But I don't feel quite as woosy now!!! He he he!!!
Not sure if the Stever was trying to make me feel better, or was being truthful, but he said his legs/hips we're a touch sore too!!! phew!!! ( oh and the hawks won!!!!) yeah!!!!!
Other than my whining, I'm in such a great mood!! The house is good, girls are good (except Belleseen here at our old house) has decided that she has been having fun hunting, finding squirrels and chasing them up trees than proceeds to do this whiney, barking bay thing, that my neighbors I'm sure appreciate so much.... Sigh.... We forget she's young and so full of energy... Fun!!.... (rolls eyes)

alright... Well I'm off to find the heating pad... (don't laugh... I'm a wimp I know... I'll be better tomorrow promise!!!)

Happy anniversary Mandy and Fred, and happy birthday Tara!




  • At 6:25 PM, Anonymous Nicole from Cookie Lee said…

    omg the picture of us!! We're so freaking adorable!!

    I'm so excited that you can post pictures now!! We'll have to go for some more of those margarita thingies and take pictures of us with those blue drinks for our blogs.



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