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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New babies are coming!!! (not mine)

LOL, ok so that heading was a little scary looking, but it's not me.... So excited for sister Manda (love you) who is expecting baby number 2!!! We are all thinking it's going to be a girl!!! We're ready for girls now.... Love all the boys, but definitely ready for girls!!! I have another pregnant person who knows who she is who I love so very much, but to respect her privacy I will not mention her name, until I get the ok from her, but I am so excited for her, and I cannot wait to see her be the wonderful Mommy I know she will be!!!!!

This Mother hood thing is such a blessing and so wonderful, I'm so excited for all the women in my life who get to experience that joy..... Feeling as though I'm one a very small few who did not get an invitation to join that club, and look in from the outside, it's so exciting to watch you all raise those cute little people!!! I try to check my self pity at the door, but sometimes it does get a little difficult to see all the people you love have all these fun and exciting changes coming into their lives, or have already. They all seem to have something in common and share a bond, that I will never understand, and have often found myself feeling a little left out. But it's nobody's fault I never got my "invite" so I try not to let it show, of course publishing it on a blog is not the best way to keep it to myself, but I guess where else can you vent eh???

On a happier note: Nikki FINALLY got here, and it's been awesome!!! Just as awesome as I new it would be!!! I've gone out to see her a handful of times, and each time it feels like I could just bring my jammies and hang out for days!!! It's so nice knowing she's just a tressle away!!! Gives me a sense of peace and contentment, that everything is finally as it should be!

Vegas was an experience!!! I love everything about just being there.... That is my everything.... Always funny though, the day you leave your ready to come home, and 2 days later, your planning your next trip! LOL Didn't win my millions, but had a blast either way!!!

14 working days until the lay-off, or shall I say new and improved faze of my professional life begins!! Cookie Lee is going great as usual! I can't wait for the new catalog to come out in August!! I want so desperately to go to convention, but I have realized I don't want to go w/o Steve since he's my backbone w/ this business and don't think it's feasible for us both to go at this present time.... So we will see!!! I'm cleaning out my jewelry cases to make room for new stuff next month, so all my inventory is now 10% off so let me know if you'd like to take a peek!! I'll be available LOL.....
All right, big hugs, and prayers for Grandpa....