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Saturday, August 26, 2006

I'm moving I'm moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so here's the news!!! I had to wait longer than I thought because of paperwork stuff, and I didn't want to blog it until it was for sure!!!!!!
So five years ago, Steve and I we're renting our first "home" not an apartment, not living w/ friends or family, but a house w/ just him, I and the girls.... Well we we're renting it from Jenette and her husband at the time Andre'.... Well at the time they decided to sell it, to buy a new home for themselves which was great... However we we're not in any position to buy a house at the time, so we had to give it up and leave..... I remember my Dad driving us away from it for the last time after the last load moving out, and I was balling my eyes out.... We only lived there for 1 year, and it is S M A L L.... But it's a home and it was our home... So we moved out and moved on moving into a duplex for 2 years and now our current townhouse for the last 2 years, well.... For the last few months Steve and I have been saying that we have to get out of here, we love our current residence, we love the space, the fireplace, the location... But it's in a complex, and you have the drawbacks of neighbors, their kids, their visitors, their animals, their stereos, their cars, and don't even get me started on f#%Inc scooters.... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (right Nicole). So we new we had to move and get a home of our own, because frankly, it sucks having to leash up the girls just to take them to the bathroom, I mean know that it's our responsibility, but hell, they need that fenced yard just as much as we do, because you and I all know that they don't like to be leashed up, just to go and squat.....
THAN LAST WEEK.... Talk about everything coming full circle.... If my BFF Nikki would have never come home than this never would have happened.... I was at her house (there's a frickin surprise) but anyway, I was leaving her house and when I go there in the afternoon I usually leave around 235 to go get the Stever from work, and I was just merging onto I-5 from the "tressle" and I had a really funny feeling and felt that I needed to get off the freeway, so I thought I would get off on 41st, and go down the Mukilteo Blvd which would take me a bit longer, but I wouldn't be on the freeway.... So I went that way and drove by the "little house" which is what we always called it, and I haven't driven by it but maybe once or twice in the time that we left, and there was a "for sale by owner" sign in front of it.... I slowed down just a touch and my heart went in my throat.... We still aren't in any position really to buy a home, but it was just a little odd.... So I picked up the Stever and told him and I drove him to work the next day also, just so I could drive by a little slower and get the number to call them.
Now what's funny is that I am so shy about calling people on the phone or asking things, that I make other people do it.... UNLESS I really, really want something, because I dropped him off, went back to Nikki's of course, than went back to the BLVD and got the number drove to a parking lot and called it..... No answer so I left a message, just stating that I wanted some info. Etc. Etc......
So 8pm rolls around and my phone rings and it's the owner.... The funny thing is, is that he's British, and just adorable, and I was so honest w/ him about our girls and that I love the place, and is there any chance of them renting, than possibly doing a rent to own.... he than told me, he has been soooo bombarded w/ phone calls that he wouldn't have even called me back, had it not been for how polite I was on the phone.... LOL, I guess all those years at WAMU customer service paid off huh???? lol, so as he was telling me details, he than was beginning to tell me how small it is, so I finally told him that we used to live there, and how special the house was to us, etc. etc. And he said what a joy it was that someone actually liked the house, because I guess everyone that called him, wanted to knock the house down, and than rebuild.... Well it is as I said S M A L L, but it's ours, and I can see adding onto it, but not knocking it down. So I met him last Friday, and he said that he had to talk to his business partner to make sure that they might consider renting for the time being because they have had bad luck w/ that in the past... So the whole weekend, I was on pins and needles it was horrible.... He finally called me Monday night and said it was ours if we wanted................. OMG.............. So it took the first couple days of the week to get our schedules coordinated to get keys, and paperwork exchanged but it's all done, and we are now in between homes.... It's been amazing... But I have been soooo busy between houses packing, cleaning, painting (yeah that was interesting), stressing... I'm surprised I know my own name... Sigh....
I do want to share this very personal thing though because it's one of those "it's meant to be" kind of things.....
When the Stever and I lived there before, some of our most precious memories, were watching the sunset from the top of the shed, (thanks Jenette for cluing us in on that one), watching the fireworks on Whidbey Island from our front yard, not having neighbors connected to your walls, and most of all.... Hearing the sea lions bark echo from down on the beach....
Well Friday was actually Steve's first day seeing the house since this all went down, so he was going to see the renovation that we're made, etc.... Well as soon as we pulled up and got out of the truck.... What did we hear.... Our sea lions barking....
so as I said before Nikki moved back home, and it all came back around full circle..... I may be giving up 1/2 my space, and 1/2 my furniture, but I'm gaining a full home, and w/ my husband and my girls, I couldn't be more blessed.....

Monday, August 21, 2006

Just for you Vickie!!! xoxox

Ok, so here goes day one of my promise to update often, and more often, especially for you Vickie!!! (hugs!!!).... so everyone buy me presents if I follow through!!! LOL....
Well, I may have exciting news, but I wont be able to release it until tomorrow night around 5pm (no I'm not pregnant).... Still trying though have you seen my husband... Damn!!! LOL
ok, anyways.... Will blog about the news later!!!
This weekend was SUCH A BLAST!!!! I just had the best time... Other than some anxiety about the news I may or may not be posting tomorrow and waiting for that, our whole complex was kind of on edge... We all got a notice that all the units we're being "inspected" on either Monday or Tuesday... So the whole complex has been madly vacuuming until the wee hours of the morning.... So we got to hang out w/ Shane and Tara on Friday night going back and forth between houses sharing cleaning supplies. The good thing is, is that since I've been "retired" from corporate America, and have been doing Cookie Lee full time, as well as playing housewife, my house has been pretty clean other than the deep like pull out the washer and dryer, suck the dead bugs out of the window sills type of cleaning!
Than on Saturday, we went to La Palmera w/ Nate and Nicole, and that was a blast!!! Nicole is finally starting to show that she's carrying a little "bambino" and it's soooo cute!!!! We than bbq'd back over and Shane and Tara's and I finally got her to sit and watch (well most of) The Notebook w/ me, which is one of my new favorite movies, that I just can't seem to erase off my DVR....
Don't even get me started on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best day ever!!! Just hanging out w/ Nikki and Phil was like something I could do 24/7.... Just hanging out on the back porch and getting reacquainted and getting to know Phil even better was just amazing!!! I certainly hope that I didn't scare them, Steve does tend to get a little, um "passionate" about his hawks..... so hopefully we'll get invited back!!!
Today Steve had a vacation day, so we just re-arranged the house a bit, and cleaned our carpets... Tara and I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to remove a bee from the front porch until the husbands caught onto us, and took about 45 seconds to solve the problem... Sigh... Yes, yes they are right we do try to plan almost everything.... I got to see Nikki again today so that was a nice bonus, also Mandy and I got to have a coffee together, which doesn't happen much anymore either... Than the other thing happened which I will no more about tomorrow.... hmmm must say... Not to shabby of a weekend for me!!!!!
promising to keep in touch (Vickie) lol.... he he he

Sunday, August 13, 2006

It all begins tomorrow!!!!

Tomorrow is the big day!!!! New catalog, new sign ups, new jewelry, and new beginnings!!!! I cannot wait! Tomorrow, I am taking Steve to work, driving to Lake Stevens to pick up the Nikki, than meet up w/ the Mandy and we are off to the showroom!!!!!!
I love it when it's new catalog/jewelry season! We just finished the longest spread of time between catalogs, so this fall/winter is always soooo awesome!!!!
Let me know if you want a new catalog and I can get one in the mail!!!!

This was just a quick pop-in to share my joy!!!!!



Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Forced retirement week 2

Well I must admit... I'm pretty good at this housewife stuff!!! I have set myself a schedule, and I follow it to the letter everyday, I'm motivated, my dog's feel loved, and my house has never been cleaner!!! It's amazing!!! I have been working at my Cookie Lee everyday and that is going AWESOME!!! I have been getting out there, and making some great sales, and building my business! I have set some goals for myself, and am doing what I can to achieve them every day! I can't wait to get my office complete.... Need a little spousal motivation to get the entertainment center moved to Melinda's... The broken big screen to it's final resting place, and to get my shelving stocked!!! And our new catalog and jewelry comes out in 6 days!!!!!!!!!! The only downside is I wont be at convention this year, but that is ok!!! Next year will be even better!!!! I'm trying to decide whether or not to hold a new jewelry open house in September... I'm thinking yes, but we shall see!!!
Steve and I have been going through the newspaper daily looking for a house w/ a fenced yard to rent.... We need to get out of "townhouse" community. And have committed to getting moved. We're not currently on a lease, so moving would be simple when the right place comes along! We are looking anywhere from Lake Stevens to Shoreline.... Does anyone know a guy??? LOL!!! Other than this stuff not much new here, just getting into new routines, and loving life!!!! Having Nikki home is a blessing and I love going out there every couple of days, Her, Phil, the animals it feels like they've always been here and never left!! It's awesome!!!
My pregnant ladies are glowing, and happy 5th to little Colby!!!!
loves to all!!!!