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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Back to Work!!! (and it's fun)

Well.... I'm always there to help a friend in need!! W/ the holidays coming up and the need to want to stash some cash away, my friend Nicole calls me to say that her work is looking to hire one more person and would I be interested?
I said no of course, because I am happy being the housewife and selling my jewelry and visiting Nikki every chance I get, BUT...
She told me they would pay me really well, for doing pretty much nothing....
So who am I to complain. After the 2nd call I finally said... Hell sign me up.
Back to work I go. It's at Boeing, but I am considered a "contract" employee, so I got hired on through a temp service, but what I do is when people apply for jobs at Boeing, they have to come in to take an Assessment test and if they pass that they get scheduled for Pre-employment training, and blah blah blah. Well I schedule the Assessments and than proctor them when they folks show up to take the tests.
And it's fun!!!! I get to usher them into a room, show them the power point presentation on how to find the emergency exits a'la flight attendant speech, than try to show them how to hit Control, Alt Delete at the same time, and off they go!!!! Than I sit in the room w/ them for the up to 3 hours it may take them, than I either escort them out if they fail, or take them to Nicoles office where she schedules them for the pre-employment training! They are having us work all kind of weird hours, because we work when the assessments are so some days are shorter or longer than others, and I have to work Saturdays, but I really don't mind... Other than it being mentally challenging (as far as answering and scheduling 600 applicants.) but I have never enjoyed a job more (other than my Cookie Lee). It's only been a few weeks, but I really really like it!!!
Halloween is coming this weekend, and not exactly sure what's going on.... Some things I had scheduled got cancelled, so I may have to regroup. Melinda (oldest sister) got a job cocktailing at Jimmy Z's and they are having a Halloween party and that's close enough to take a cab, so we'll see!
Other than that, not much else is going on. It looks as though Steve and I may be babysitting our friends puppy for a while, while they move and get settled in their new place. I think Belle will really really be happy, because she wants to play a lot more than Lucy does.. We think poor Lucy is going blind, as she is starting to get a little confused when we walk by she has to bark at us until we get close enough for her to focus a little better... Sad... But kinda cute too!!!
So I miss going to see Nikki, and my sister, but I'm still here and hanging tough!!!
Sunshine is coming through again!!!
lot's of love,

Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm still here!! (sort-of)

I'm still here... Just nothing to report.... We're just plugging away day by day! I'm excited that fall is here, and that I get to bring out the thicker blankets!!! It's almost fireplace time too.... Just feeling a little blue lately... We've just had a couple of things not go our way, BUT!!! I'm optimistic, and looking forward to things to come, just at the moment doesn't feel like they are coming.... But I have a great new/old little house, fun pets, a wonderful husband and great friends, so I guess what am I bitching about... Sigh....
I'm looking forward to Halloween too! I don't think we will be getting many trick-or-treaters this year, because where we live, I don't see to many kids... But we'll be stocked up and ready just in case!!! Plus my 5 yr old nephews always stop by for our annual photo... hmmm we moved a little bit further north, I hope they still come....

ok, this is way ubber short, and probably not worth the read... Sorry... Next time will be better! Promise!