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Monday, January 08, 2007

New Years Can Mean New Things!!!

So I'm moving into the BIG BOEING plant tomorrow!!! I have been working off site in the pre-employment department, and I got called in by my bossess, boss to move into the big plant into a post employment department doing a whole bunch of stuff I have no clue about yet!!!

So yeah to me, and I will let you all know what's new w/ the new job tomorrow!!! I'm still a temp, but this a better way into permanant!!!

So I still have been very unhappy about our weather situation, and we are supposed to get snow tomorrow which I would normally love, however I start my new job effective tomorrow (at 530 am) and if it snow's tomorrow night like they say, my want to be pick up doesn't do so well, so that would upset me.... but other than that i'm very excited and I will update when I know more!!!

So Mandy and baby are doing great!!!! he's so fun!! and to watch him and her 5 year old Zackery together is amazing!! I love it!!

So we got to go to the Seahawks Playoff game on Saturday and what a freakin blast!!!! it was the most intense 2 minutes ever, and I feel so blessed to have been apart of it, so thank you Clay and Shelly for helping to make my Steve's dreams come true!!!!! lol, Steve and I are still hoarse so all day at work I was calling it the "Seahawks Laryngitis".... everyone got a kick out of that!!

ok, i'm off!! Go Hawks, and did I mention Nascar is back in 40 days????
40 DAYS BABY!!!!!!!!!!