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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Loving the Nascar!!!!

It's such a beautiful day outside, I'm sitting at home watching my Nascar while I watch my husband clean the house!!! LOL how spoiled am I???? ha!!!! No just kidding, I love you baby!!!

I feel so stupid, but I had the best time w/ Nicole on Friday after work, I went w/ her to drop off some candles at a pub in ferment area of Seattle, and it was occurring to me as we we're going that I have never really explored my own city.... I no my way around Vegas more than I do Seattle.... I was such the little tourist and it was soooo fun!!! I actually saw that troll thingy that's under the overpass.... Awesome! And Nicole and I can't wait for our "lay off" to begin so we can explore someore... She says she has lots of fun things she wants to show me!!!! Very exciting.... !!!
Than Saturday Steve talked me into going to see KISW's softball team play the "foul balls" it's the majority of the DJs like the morning show crew and some of the other dj's and it was such a blast!!! I was sort of on the fence about it, it was kind of rainy and I didn't really want to go, but he really really wanted too, so I agreed and it was worth it..!! They we're so funny and real and we we're watching the whole game right there at the dug out so they would come and visit w/ us and seemed really glad we we're there, and eager to meet us and chat etc. So I have a new found respect for the dj's of KISW.... That's always been a top 5 station for me of course, but now a little more so!!!

Well I think that this will be the longest week EVER.....We are in the home stretch, and Nikki comes home 1 week from Tuesday!!!! ONE WEEK PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!
This rocks, and I can't wait!!!! But it will take forever for her to get here... Sigh....
Than 5 days after that is yup, Vegas!! So we're making it to the fun part of June!!! The waiting has gone by fast for me.... Normally it takes forever, but my just kind of tuning it out and forgetting about it, helps to make it go quicker me thinks!!!

Lot's of changes going on in the friends department, and it's been awesome!! I've never been happier..... I love growing as an adult w/ my friends who grow with me... It's so exciting to see us all grow and mature together, and move onto this fun stage of life... And the ones that don't want to grow and mature, it's fun to just step away and be proud of who I am and feel lucky about my surroundings and my life!!!! And think... Someday they'll get there!! But I'm not going to concern myself about their issues!!! I've got my own fun and exciting life to lead, and I feel it's been a bit neglected lately worrying to much about other people, and not taking the time to worry about myself, or my family..... So I'm back my family and I'll always be here!!! Thanks for hanging in there for me and always being there for me!!!
I love you guys!!!

the very excited Andrea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!