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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

soooo busy!!!

I've been so super busy w/ work, as soon as I get home I just want to collapse.... But it's been a busy week!!! Mandy and Fred had their new baby boy on Monday!!! wooohoooo he's so super sweet so here is Garrett weighing 6lbs and 14 ozs!!! Their 5 year old Zackery is really so great about being the new big brother, and he's taking such good care of his Mommy!!! I think they come home from the hospital tonight. What's so great about him is that he looks like Fred and Zack, but he has just enough characteristics to be his own person too, and it's very sweet! He makes the sweetest little noises!!! I can't wait to hold him at home!! Hopefully tomorrow!

So the Holidays are in full swing! Steve has got the whole house all done up (per my request) and he's done such a great job at making it special for me!! We had the hardest time finding a tree just right for our house, because we usually buy them at the Home De-pot, however those tress are always so big it just wouldn't work in our little house. However Rite Aid of all places had one, and it's just 5 ft tall and perfect! We had such a fun Christmas time too getting it all decorated. We had on Christmas music, decorated, than watched Christmas Vacation, and just had a nice time bonding as a family!!!
Christmas shopping is a whole separate issue... I've gotten a start, so that's better than last year I guess!

Over the last few weeks we also had our Cousins annual Cookie exchange and that was super fun, I was very organized for that this year, had my cookies all made and ready to go the night before, so that's more of that feeling like a grown up thing! My sisters even said something so that made me feel good! Catherine did the usual awesome job hosting this fun event, she had some great games, and wonderful food, and again, cannot wait until next year!!
We also finally got Cozmo's hair done, and helooks so incredible!!! It took them over 4 hours, and when he came out, I really didn't think that was him... LOL, he almost looks like a baby reindeer, you know the ones from the Burl Ives Rudolph special, his legs look so long and frail, it's adorable!!!

Sunday was sooo fun that was the day before Garrett came along, and Mandy had to do some pre-op stuff at the hospital, so I went with her to do that, and we also did some shopping! Than I got to go to Nikki's house for her sons birthday party!!! What a fun time that was! I got to meet her in-laws, and I wish I could go home with them!!!! They we're so fun! And I just loved them to death and felt as though I have known them forever. I can't wait to see them again! They leave tomorrow, but I don't think I can get a chance to say goodbye.... Sniffle.... Ok ok ok I know they are Nikki' in-laws but since I feel her and I are one, they can be mine too right????

Ok Merry Christmas and I will post some house pics. Soon!!!

Lot's of love and Cheer



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